Oil and Gas
  • Expansion and modernization of the Isaac Benayon Sabbá Refinery, including executive project, construction, assembly, commisioning, testing, pre-operation
  • Construction of the Polo Arara Natural Gas Processing Plant
  • Construction of the Light Coke Naphta Hydrotreating Unit of Duque de Caxias Refinery
  • Construction of a new Guandu-Reduc pipeline
  • Construction and assembly of the Electrical Substations 366 and 374, and of the (off-site) interconnections of Plangás, in the Duque de Caxias Refinery
  • Execution of civil construction of Phase III of the Natural and Condensed Petroleum Gas Processing Unit of Project Cacimbas
  • Execution of earthworks, draining, street layout and paving in the Abreu e Lima Refinery
  • Supply and assembly of ducts for receiving and expediting products for the Northeastern Abreu e Lima Refinery
  • Supply, construction and assembly of six compression modules for the FPSO floating platforms destined for the Lula oil field
  • Supply, construction and assembly of modules and their integration in the P-53 floating platform
  • Implementation of Industrial Waste Treatment Plant and Cooling Towers in the Northeastern Abreu e Lima Refinery
  • Civil infrastructure, drainage, bridges, paving, storage and earthworks at the Northeastern Abreu e Lima Refinery
  • Interconnections of the off-site Coke Units & HDT Project for U-230 at Duque de Caxias Refinery
  • Maintenance of floating platforms P-38, P-40 and Merluza
  • Assembly of the compression modules M05 and M06 of floating platforms P- 51 and P-52
Hydroelectric Construction
  • PCH Carangola (Carangola river, MG) – 15 MW
  • AHE Areia Branca (Manhuaçu river, MG) – 20 MW
  • PCH Funil (Guanhães river, MG) – 22,5 MW
  • PCH São Domingos II (São Domingos river, GO) – 24,6 MW
  • PCH São Simão (Itapemirim river, ES) – 27 MW
  • PCH Mosquitão (Caiapó river, GO) – 30 MW
  • PCH São Pedro (Jucu river, ES) – 30 MW
  • AHE Retiro Baixo (Paraopeba river, MG) – 82 MW
  • AHE Queimado (Preto river, MG) – 105 MW
  • AHE Guilman-Amorim (Piracicaba river, MG) – 140 MW
  • AHE Ponte de Pedra (Corrente river, MS e MT) – 176 MW
  • AHE Eng José Mendes Jr – Funil (Grande river, MG) – 180 MW
  • AHE Gov José Richa – Salto Caxias (Iguaçu river, PR) – 310 MW
  • AHE Estreito (Tocantins river, PI and MA) – 1087 MW
  • AHE Jirau (Madeira river, RO) – 3750 MW
  • AHE Belo Monte (Xingu river, PA and MT) – 11233 MW
Hydraulic Infrastructure and Sanitation
  • Elaboration of projects and construction of an infrastructure system – supplying, sanitation, paving and energy distribution in the cities of Al Marj, Daryanah, Al Dirsiyah, Sloug and Al Aquriyah (Libya)
  • Construction of lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 for the expansion of the Tietê River channel
  • Construction of the Arrudas River Pipelines, Belo Horizonte/MG
  • Construction of the Tietê Sewer Interceptor ITI-3 of Lot 4 of the second phase of Sabesp
Mechanical Assembly
  • • PCH Riacho Preto – 9,3 MW
  • • PCH Boa Sorte – 16 MW
  • • PCH Lagoa Grande – 25,6 MW
  • • Guaçu Thermoelectric – 33MW
  • • Hydroelectrical Complex AHE Simplício and PCH Anta (Paraíba do Sul river, MG and RJ) – 333,7 MW
Power Transmission
  • 500/600 kV Direct Current Transmission Line from Porto Velho to Araraquara, including Rectifier and Inverter Stations
  • Thermoelectric Transmission Line Guaçu – 33 MW
  • Transmission Line between Ribeirãozinho and Cuiabá, in Mato Grosso
  • Building of a 345/148 kV substation and a 345 kV transmission line between Rio Novo do Sul substation and Viana, in Espírito Santo
Thermoelectric Power Plants
  • Thermoelectric Guaçu – 33 MW
  • Thermoelectric of Vale do Açu – Termoaçu – First phase, 310 MWh liquid and steam co-generation system 610 t/h
  • Thermal Power Plant Gov Leonel Brizola – TermoRio – 594 MW
Risk Analysis and Hiring Documents
  • PCH Salto Natal – 15 MW
  • PCH Pedrinho – 16,2 MW
  • PCH Passo do Meio – 30 MW
  • AHE Pervari (Botan river, Turkey) – 409,3 MW
  • AHE Campos Novos (Canoas river, SC) – 880 MW
  • Civil Construction of Integrated Child Support Centers (CAICs) – 8.5 million square meters
  • Infrastructure works for a project, located in the Tapirapé-Aquiri national forest, in Pará
  • Civil Works for the elevation of a tailing dam in Minas Gerais
Road Infrastructure
  • Construction of Lot 2 of BR-101 highway/RN
  • Construction of the Linha Verde Project, MG-010 highway, Belo Horizonte/MG
  • Construction of Lots 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Northern Ring Road of São Paulo/SP
  • Construction of Lots 2, 5 of the Southern Ring Road of São Paulo/SP
  • Implementation of the Subway System of Salvador and Lauro de Freitas
  • Maintenance on a stretch of the BR-040 highway/MG/RJ
  • Duplication works of Lot II of CE-040 highway/CE
  • Duplication works of Lot V of highway CE-060/CE
  • Construction of the bridge in Praia do Forte, Redinha Natal/RN
  • Construction of the Project Paulistão (Fura-fila), São Paulo/SP
  • Construction of the Parque D. Pedro II line, Sacomã/SP
Railway Infrastructure
  • Construction of complementary works at the Metropolitan Train stations of Recife and construction of the Integration Bus Terminal
  • Construction and electromechanical assembly of Line 5 of the São Paulo Subway
  • Civil construction of the lot between Moema station and Vila Clementino station of the São Paulo Subway Line 5 (Lilac)
  • Execution of construction works, services and supplies for the revitalization of Line F of CPTM
  • Maintenance works on Line E of CPTM
  • Revitalization works on Line F of CPTM
  • Renovation and adaptation of the permanent tracks and airway network of the Southern Line of CPTM
  • Civil construction of parking lot for trains Guido Caloi of Line 5 of the São Paulo Subway
  • Carajás Railroad
  • Execution, O&M and conservation of a subway line in São Paulo
Port and Airport Infrastructure
  • Access to the Airport Pinto Martins in Fortaleza, CE
  • Guarulhos Airport, SP (Auction)
  • Viracopos Airport, SP – Cargo terminal
  • Vitória Port, ES – Dredging and Complementary works
  • Natal Port, RN – Dredging and Complementary works
  • Port of Mole Beach in Vitória/ES
  • Port of Cabedelo, PB
  • Port of Santos, SP – Dredging and Complementary works
  • Port of Paranaguá, PR
  • Construction of the Port of Pecém, CE
  • Reconstruction of cradles 1 and 2 of the Port of Itajaí, SC
Steel Work
  • Construction of a hot strip mill for a steel company in Brazil
  • Construction, supply and assembly of a new cold strip mill at the Volta Redonda Plant in Rio de Janeiro
Concession of Public Services, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Concession for the exploration of the state road network of Marechal Rondon East Corridor, in São Paulo
  • Concession for the exploration of MG-050 highway, in Minas Gerais
  • Concession for the exploration of the state road network in the western stretch of the Ring Road Mário Covas, in São Paulo
  • Concession for the exploration of the connecting road network between Ribeirão Preto and the border of the State of Minas Gerais (Igarapava) and between Ribeirão Preto and Bebedouro, in São Paulo
  • Concession for the exploration of the Santa Maria Area, in Rio Grande do Sul
  • Concession for the exploration of the Sol Highway System, in Espírito Santo
  • Concession for the exploration of the road system corresponding to Lot 03 of the State Program for Privatization, as well as a Partnership with the Private Initiative – “PED”, in São Paulo
  • Administrative Concession for the operation and maintenance of the Mineirão Complex, in Belo Horizonte/MG
  • Administrative Concession for the construction and management of the Penitentiary Complex of the State of Minas Gerais
  • Concession, implementation and O&M of a subway line in São Paulo